Saturday, 27 July 2013

Claires Cosmetics - Its Not What It Looks Like

So my makeup is like over loading and I thought I'd try out my make up to decide which ones to throw away in order to make more space. My mum had recently bought me some makeup from Claires. She bought me an eye shadow palette and a glittery turquoise eye liner. I thought I'd start with those cause I didn't really think they'd be good. However, its true! Mum's always know best. Turns out that not only were there nice colours in the palette, they were also long lasting too.  

Check out my skiiillls!

Step 1: Used Shade 1 on the inner sides of my eyes

Step 2: Used Shade 4 in the middle while blending with shade 1

Step 3: I then used Shade 3 and blended it in with Shade 4

Step 4 - Applied liquid eyeliner on the top and in waterline (Collection 2000)
then applied Mascara (Clinique - Long last)

I would recommend using an eye shadow base which will not only keep it on for longer but will also blend the eye shadow in at the top of your eye. Also, I didn't do this cause I don't have the brush atm but if you have a blending brush then bend in the eye shadow at the top of your eye on your brow bone.
Lips - Collection 2000 Lip Definer

Here I have also used the same steps as said above but exchanged
Shade 4 with Shade 2 and Shade 3 with Shade 1
and minus the bottom eyeliner - got lazy but feel free to try it
P.s. Sorry for the crappy camera quality
Here I've used:
Turquoise Eyeliner on the top & bottom - Claire's Cosmetics
Black liquid eyeliner - Collection 2000

Right eye - Barry M silver eyeliner
Left eye - Bobbi Brown - Black creamy eyeliner

Had two ideas so I thought I'd try both of them out.. I prefer the silver

Claire's Cosmetics aren't that bad, don't knock it till you've tried it! Thanks for reading you awesome people! Leave comments and lemme know what you think.
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