Sunday, 6 October 2013

MUA Palette

Most people consider MUA Makeup as just a back up or only for a rainy day. Or they don't use it cause its cheap - simple. However, I bought an MUA eye shadow palette cause I saw a few good reviews on it. One even compared it to Mac, I think it may have been a bit exaggerated there but each have their own opinions. Personally, I think that if it is even the right support then could potentially work for an everyday or occasional use. Support as in an eye primer or an over cream to stop it from creasing.
There are a variety of colours on each palette. I bought a brown palette with more safe, skin tone colours for an everyday use.

My results were that if I didn't use any sort of support then it creased ridiculously and easily came off. While on the other hand, with support (No7 Eye Primer) it didn't crease at all. Nor did it come off.. till I started to touch it a lot, then it take off on my fingers (my own dopiness)
Although, you may find it easier to get really good eye shadow used on a daily bases, it would help cost wise to check out the MUA palette and use a good primer.
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